“53 leads in 48 hours...”
Close 3X more sales in half the time with this PROVEN sales system designed to generate clients on demand... for FREE.
Are you tired of...
  • Relying on word of mouth to get your next project?
  • Frustrated you don’t have a rock-solid system for finding new clients when bills need to be paid?
  • Confused about what to say when you come up against competitors' $500 website quotes? 
  • Disheartened your business isn’t where it should be, and your bank balance doesn’t match all your hard work?
If you answered YES to any of the above, then keep reading.

After 5 years and thousands of small business pitches, we’ve perfected our process for acquiring new clients on demand. The Client Pickup Kit is a powerful sales tool that will show you how to sell on value, not price, 3X your profits and get twice as many clients in half the time.  

Simply copy, paste, tweak and deploy! It’s really that easy! We’ve done all the hard work for you. 

You can relax knowing you’re covered by a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Did you know that even the $500 clients will invest $5,000 or more with you right now?
It’s true! You don’t need to have a big list or an established web business to get paid what you’re worth, you just need to know how to educate clients in a way that makes them want to whip out their wallet and say “Where do we go from here?”

But the problem is that 99% of designers simply aren’t talking the lingo that clients want to hear. The seductive, anti-selling lingo that triggers people to buy! 

They talk about the platform. The pretty theme. The colours. Everything BUT what the client wants to hear. 

Yet they wonder why they keep hearing ‘No’ after ‘No’. Why they don’t get any repeat business from existing clients. And why they can’t seem to muster the confidence to charge what they’re worth.

Thankfully, this problem is easily and quickly fixed, and I'm going to show you with this simple 5-step system.
You can relax knowing you’re covered by a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

So, how does it work?
It's easy with our tried-and-tested steps...

Use the 24-Point Website Audit Checklist and the Audit Checklist Companion Guide to conduct an audit of your prospect’s website. 

Use the ‘Gate Master’ Phone Scripts to make contact with your prospect in a non-salesy way. Alternatively, use Social Posts That Convert to generate prospects without having to pick up the phone.
Use the Fill-In-The-Blank Email Scripts and the Done-For-You Audit Response Library – a powerful combination that incorporates our ‘Why What Method’, and leaves clients wanting more. 
Schedule time to follow up your prospect - make sure they know that you’re genuinely interested in the effectiveness of their website. 

Use the Recorded Sales Calls With Actual Clients as guidance and start closing the deal with your new awesome web design client! 
You can relax knowing you’re covered by a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

So who are we & what do we know about generating A-class web design clients? 
Bianca Board and Simon Langridge. Partners and co-founders of Foxley and Web123. The Client Pickup Kit is the exact system that generated over $1.5m in sales for Web123, their highly successful web design business. 

Bianca is the heart and soul behind Foxley. She created Foxley to give designers what they need to build a successful web design business.
Bianca has been featured by Inc., is a regular contributor to many design blogs and won Australian Businesswomen’s Network Member of the Year for her contributions to the female entrepreneur community. 

Simon has personally sold over 1,000 websites in the last 5 years. He’s helped thousands of small businesses get serious results, and mastered the art of the anti-sell in the process. Some call him ‘The Web Whisperer’ but whatever you call him, he brings a refreshing twist to the web industry. He’s the voice you’ll hear in the Recorded Sales Calls With Actual Clients.

Together, Simon and Bianca have generated over $9m in their web business, worked on over 3,000 web projects, and helped over 10,000 designers.

After countless requests from designers worldwide, they’re now sharing all their sales secrets in The Client Pickup Kit to help designers generate clients with greater ease than ever before – saving them time, money and stress.
You can relax knowing you’re covered by a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Being in the web industry for over 15 years, we understand your daily challenges, deepest fears & highest aspirations. 
You'll be blown away at how quick & easy it is to convert high-value clients with this tried and tested system.
You'll immediately get access to a proven 5-step system that works. Better still, you can watch, read, learn and start implementing in less than an hour. No need to sit through 14 hours of video... simply cut and paste the system and watch your business be transformed.

The 24-Point Website Audit Checklist:

You’ll be able to generate high-value audits in 10 minutes flat, then convert them into sales within 24 hours. (These are not like those hideous automated reports either that no one reads or actions, these are real and genuine ones that clients love.)

The Fill-In-The-Blank Email Scripts:

You can save a ton of time wondering what the hell to say with our simple ‘3-Minute Method’.

The Done-For-You Audit Response Library: 

With our specific ‘Why What Method’, you’ll have clients begging to know more and literally throwing money at you to work together.

The ‘Gate Master’ Phone Scripts:

Use these proven scripts and you’ll not only get past the gatekeeper, but you’ll be brimming with confidence, set yourself miles apart from your competition, and convert better than 50% of your prospects when the average is just 1%.

The Audit Checklist Companion Guide:

You’ll become a trusted web marketing expert... even if you have no experience in marketing and have never built a website in your life.
You can relax knowing you’re covered by a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

And when you get started immediately, you'll also get three added bonuses worth $297!
Imagine what you could achieve in your business within the next 30 days with these amazing educational resources and strategies at your fingertips.

BONUS 1: Recorded Sales Calls With Actual Clients

This will help you hear exactly how Simon, master web sales expert, picks up clients effortlessly using this exact system. These bonus recorded calls are invaluable! 

BONUS 2: Real life Case Studies From Designers

See how other designers just like you have adapted The Client Pickup Kit to generate 50+ leads in a day, triple their rates and close deals in under a week.

BONUS 3: Social Posts That Convert

This will help you generate prospects in a non-salesy way without having to pick up the phone, so you can have them reaching out to you and begging to know more with just a few minutes’ work.
You can relax knowing you’re covered by a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Read what other web designers just like you are saying...

"I have over 50 to do! Wowsa"

I posted in a Facebook group that I frequent and asked if anyone wanted a website audit.... I now have over 50 to do! Wowsa.

- NICOLE HAMMETT, Picasso Media Group

"I made $12,900 in a week"

I sent out an email using this system and my list only had 50 people on it. I didn't think I'd get much back but I got 8 audit requests within 2 days, and a week later I'd sold three of them a website! Amazing! It really works.

- LOGAN PASCOE, Web Design Guys
You can relax knowing you're covered by a full 30 day money back guarantee...
You can put your mind at ease knowing that the "The Client Pickup Kit" is covered by our full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, which means... 

...that if after 30 days of using it, you don't have everything you need to generate genuine leads from A-class web design clients, we'll gladly refund your money – that's how confident we are that it will help your business! 

You can relax knowing you’re covered by a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Valued at $694, get instant access and start applying this process within just minutes for one tiny payment of just $97.
So, you might be asking "What's The Client Pickup Kit" worth?

It's difficult to put a value on something as invaluable as this. Something that brings in income within days, allows you to triple your rates and makes clients see you as a trusted advisor, not just a designer.

But we wanted to make this accessible to as many designers as possible.
So we've kept the price affordable. Extremely affordable. 

In fact, The Client Pickup Kit is normally $397, but when you act today you get it for the heavily reduced price of just $97. That's 75% off! 

Plus you also get instant access to bonuses worth $297.

Yes, we know it's ridiculously cheap for a product that guarantees you a dramatic boost in client generation and sales. You only need to sell ONE website for it to pay for itself TEN times over

So don't wait. Claim access of The Client Pickup Kit today before the price goes up. 
You can relax knowing you’re covered by a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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